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Dr. Kimberley Hill-Johnston



Sedation Dentistry

Do not let dental anxiety keep you from regular dental care any longer! If you or someone you know has a high level of anxiety about visiting the dentist, dislikes, is bother by the noises and smells associated with a dental office, or are ashamed or embarrassed by their teeth, they may be a candidate for sedation dentistry.

At Stone Road Dental we understand that many people experience fear and anxiety when they visit the dentist. This fear or anxiety can prevent many people from going to the dentist, keeping them from getting the necessary dental treatment in a comfortable fashion.

Sedation dentistry will allow you to remain calm, relaxed and comfortable during any dental procedure you may need. Fortunately, we have oral sedation available to alleviate the fear associated with dental work.

Some of the patients who could benefit from our various sedation options are:

  • Patients with gag reflex
  • Adults who fear all or some aspects of dentistry
  • Patients who are very anxious about dental freezing

Contact our office today. Dr. Hill-Johnston will assist you to determine if oral sedation would work best for your dental treatment. 905-468-2128